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Upon request, Healthrajsoft Health Services staff will provide instructions for individuals whose medical conditions need special attention and additional certificates.

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Electronic Patient Safety Record & Pharmacy Management System

Electronic Patient Safety

One of the main challenges for a healthcare provider today is Patient safety.

In a lot of scenarios lack of Patient safety leads to serious consequences. Absence of standard operating procedures and simple manual oversight are primarily responsible for this.

It has been developed to assist (e.g., physicians, hospitals, laboratories, Doctor, Nurses) system administrators, I.T. Developers, system operators, MCO (Managed care Organization having their Provider Networks), third-party administrators (TPAs) and health care vendors (e.g., practice management vendors, billing services).

Pharmacy Management System

The final report provides help to a Healthcare organization or individual practitioner or even group practitioner to figure out how much their organization or clinic or nursing care is close to patient safety requirement as required by Healthcare IT.

Health Care Providers

The product has been developed to resolve these inconsistencies and eliminate manual oversight.

It targets nine segments of the patient safety which comes under Direct care, Supportive care and Information Infrastructure.

Each Segment under Direct care includes the information about Care Management, Medication ordering and management, Orders, Referrals, Results and Care management, Support for referrals and many others.

Supportive Care includes information about Clinical Support, Measurement, Analysis, Research and Reports, Administrative and Financial factor.

IT Management

We have strong offshore presence as well as onsite teams with the necessary wherewithal required for successful execution of healthcare related projects.

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The company has Healthcare IT training division that takes care of various training required for Healthcare Providers (Doctor, Hospitals, Lab, Pharmacy, Medical Device Manufacturing company), Healthcare Payer (Health Insurance Company, Third Party Administrator) and Healthcare IT Software Professional.
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