HealthRajSoft is one of the fastest growing Healthcare IT and Healthcare Consulting company. HealthRajSoft a software solutions company providing highly feasible, easy to use Patient Safty Tools information Management System (PST) for Healthcare Industry. Our healthcare oriented service lines are custom made for the industry which is characterized by stringent regulatory demands, evolving healthcare standards, complex processes and workflows and a dynamic technology environment. Our services are aligned to your needs, in that we assure you faster go-to-market, high quality and a reliable process defined delivery. We custom tailor our approach to your business needs. HealthRajSoft partners with you by aligning a solution with your unique situation, being the expert team you rely on and taking accountability for the success of your IT investment.

Welcome to exciting world of Healthcare through IT

Our Product

We have various Healthcare IT products which serve the need from a large Hospital,Health insurance Company to a small Healthcare practitioner.

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HealthCare IT Training

Our HealthCare IT Training division that takes care of various training required for Healthcare Providers(Doctor,Hospitals), Pharmaceutical,Drug Device Manufacturing company.

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HealthCare IT News

Latest Healthcare IT Payer Healthcare Insurance News and Latest Healthcare IT Provider News

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Business Intelligence

Information and data in a healthcare organization can be broadly categorized as Financial, Clinical, and Operational.
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